Alpha-Techno Relaxfit 6020 Massage Chair

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171.96 LBS

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Product Features

  • Shiatsu Plus Massage
  • Rolling / stretch massage
  • Kneading Massage
  • Tapping / relax massage
  • Combined massage
  • Direct neck massage
  • Premium High End Massage Product
  • Massage rolls with integrated heating
  • 3D-Massage
  • Unique Real-Time Sensor System
  • Multiple, individual, specialized automatic programs
  • Zero-Gravity Position
  • Remote control with touchscreen
  • Air pressure massage in the armrest
  • Air pressure massage in the seat
  • Air pressure massage in the backrest
  • Air pressure massage in the shoulders position
  • Foot reflex massage with heating system
  • Calf massage with air pressure
  • Automatic shoulder positioning
  • 4-Rolls-Massagesystem inspired from the human hand
  • Automatic shiatsu point positioning
  • Speed and width adjustable in multiple steps using the remote control
  • Backrest and footrest infinitely variable and independent from each other and adjustable
  • Coloured display
  • Timer with shutdown automatic
  • Length adjustable footrest
  • Space saving
  • Inclusive special neck support pillow
  • Transport rolls for easy transport
  • Sessel ergonimically formed
  • High Quality product with soft leather