Titan Vending Chair Massage Chair

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229.00 LBS

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Titan is revolutionizing the way businesses across the country generate additional revenue. With the all new Titan Vending Chair your small business can easily earn money without having to invest in additional labor or overhead; simply set up the Vending Chairs and watch the money roll in!

Product Features

  • 2D Massage Mechanism
  • Deep Calf Kneading
  • LCD Display System
  • Full-Body Recline
  • Intuitive Remote
  • Vending Capabilities

Comprehensive Massage Rollers
The Vending Chair is equipped with an industry-leading two dimensional massage mechanism, meaning your customers are guaranteed to receive the high-quality massage they deserve!

Deep Calf Compression
It's likely that your customers have been walking around all day running errands, so the Vending Chair includes an intense calf compression system to provide the relief they'll need at the end of the day. This deep compression therapy soothes tension and improves circulation for instant relief.

Reliable Passive Revenue
Titan's Vending Chairs are designed to turn a profit quickly and effectively. Your customers may insert most bill denominations and stay as long as they'd like. With this flexible payment system, your customers may try out the chair for 5 minutes, or get lost in the relaxation for hours.

Intuitive Remote Control
The chair offers an intuitive remote control with a number of handy functions, such as controlling the chair's recline, switching massage modes, and even starting/stopping the chair altogether.

User-Friendly LCD Display
Easily understand the functions of your current massage via the helpful LCD display. View the massage mode, the roller width, speed, time remaining, credits, and recline position all from the comfort of your chair!